Without a Hitch – This Is How it All Works Here

We believe that the quality of service provided by a certain company relies mostly on how efficiently the process is organized. If we talk about custom writing companies, the procedures of finding competent writers, quality assurance and the provision of follow-up services all contribute to the success of the final result. To give you a better idea how exactly writing help is delivered at assignmentonlinehelp.com, we have decided to break it down in stages and describe each of them. We hope it will give you all the information you need to make the right decision.

Order submission and processing

To request our help, every customer has to fill in and submit the ordering form, which will provide us with the detailed information about the kind of paper they want to get. IMPORTANT: the order cannot be processed until the payment is made, so do not delay the payment. Otherwise, you will be delaying order fulfillment. During processing, we examine the requirements you have provided and make sure that they are complete and can be applied in full.

Writer assignment

When all the requirements have been taken into account, we define what kind of writer will be able to fulfill them. More specifically, we look for a specialist with appropriate experience, area of expertise and qualification level (PhD writers for dissertations, etc.) All those requirements have to be 100% fulfilled for us to assign a certain writer to work on your paper. It is also important that the writer should be able to finish your paper as fast as you need it, otherwise it makes no sense to assign him or her to a certain order, no mater how good and suitable they are.

Research, writing and quality assurance

Once assigned, the writer studies paper requirements, conducts appropriate research and develops a paper for you. You can be involved the whole time! To enable this, we have created a special tool that gives you the possibility to contact your writer and evaluate the work done. When the paper is finished, edited and proofread, we check it for originality and, if it has proven to be 100% original, we send it to the customer.

Follow-up services

If there is anything you would like to improve in your paper, we are ready to provide free revisions. You have 14 days to use this option.

Order right now and you will be able to see how it all works from the inside.